frequently asked questions

roller skates

If I'm not planning to skate, I'm just going to watch my kids skate, do I need to pay the $6.00?

Yes, it is what allows our rink to stay open and continue to serve the community.  Parents watching kids skate are given a discount and only pay $3 instead of the regular $6. We have a lot of teenagers that also never skate, that pay the entrance fee as well.

is there a skate rental fee

No, the $6.00 entrance fee includes skates.

can I bring my own skates?

Yes, that is not a problem.  The entrance fee is still $6.00.

how big do you have to be to skate?

We have skates as small as toddler size 8. We work hard to make sure the skating rink is a safe and fun environment for all of our guests.

do you serve food at the skating rink?

We sell water, soda, energy drinks, chips, pickles, cotton candy, various candy bars, and candies. 

why are you closed in the summer?

We rent our space from the Madison County Fairgrounds.  When it gets warm outside the floor sweats and it becomes dangerous for skaters. The fairgrounds uses the building for other purposes during the summer months. We also enjoy spending more time with our own family.